Welcome to Red Balloon

Karin Flynn, Stud Manager at Red Balloon Alpaca Stud is committed to breeding:

Huacaya alpaca which produce fine, commercially valuable fleece on deep bodied frames well into the alpacas' teens.

Our breeding program selects for:

  • Fineness – fleeces that remain fine for the alpacas lifespan = longevity of  production.
  • Length of staple - fast growing fleece = commercially useable length and higher fleece weights.
  • Frame – strong, straight & deep bodied = robust health, reproductive ability & high fleece weights.
  • Fertility – easy conception, birthing & good mothering instincts = healthier cria, higher production.
  • Minimal guard hair – reduced processing costs = higher yield, greater comfort.
  • Clean – face and legs = no wool blindness, reduced grass seed problems & efficient shearing.
  • Temperament – if we don’t want to handle them we don’t expect you to.

Measured by:

  • Individual animal evaluations
  • Detailed herd analysis – shearing, nutrition, reproduction & health management

    alpaca cria at REd Balloon Alpaca Stud


You can contact us on 0407 685 601, via email info@redballoonalpacas.com or follow us on Facebook at Red Balloon Farm